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Topsy as a Twitter´s tool. 5 ways to improve your strategy


Are you a blogger?No wonder that you always wanted to know the people that retweet your tweets. But it is not always easy, because sometimes the first tweet (yours) gets lost in the way (your followers delete your account on the tweet, they go directly to the website and share your content directly from there). After publishing your post on different sites (Stumbleupon, Delicious, Quora, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg among others) your blog´s stats will tell you the amount of views that you already have in this particular post. Sometimes you only have 10, 15 views but other times the numbers are increasing a lot and you don´t know what person is responsible for this, so you can  thank them for spreading the word.

Well, now with Topsy you can do it. If you upgrade you have more tools to use, for example analytics. But let´s talk about the free version. On the main site you have the opportunity to type your blog´s link and know immediately what accounts have been sharing your content on the Twitter: brilliant! Also you can type videos, photos and tweets to know the impact they have on the social web, because the program makes an exhaustive research about all the people that post or comment the links, photos, videos or tweets that you study about.

Topsy   Instant social insight

Now that you have all this information… what can you do next? 

  1. Follow the people that retweeted or commented about your post. In ‘responses’ part you can find all the accounts that retweeted your tweet.

Twitter Trackbacks for http   llamamemary.wordpress.com 2012 12 20 creativity is contagius pass it on   llamamemary.wordpress.com  on Topsy.com

2.Sometimes it´s useful  if you give some feedback to the people that mentioned your post. Try to build a strong relationship between you and the people interested in the same field like you.

Twitter Trackbacks for Twitter strategy with trendsmap  llamamemary.wordpress.com  on Topsy.com

3.You can investigate others post or tweets that don´t belong to your blog. What does it mean? Basically you can know what accounts are usually retweeted or commented by other people blogs or tweets (you should research about business fields related with yours). Find the accounts that can suit your interest and start with bullets 1 and 2.

4.You can plan in advance and share with them your next blog´s post with them on twitter. Feedback is always welcome and if they can spread your words, better. But please, don´t be too insistent with them, because they can be bored of you quickly. Only shared your post directly and consistently when they ask you to do it. Remember, they can always subscribe to your newsletter.

5.Retweet their tweets or commented them. If you loved that they do that, they feel exactly the same. Be empathic.

Oversocial  Oversocial  en Twittero


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