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20 ways to upload photos to Twitter


One of the pillars supporting the operation of Twitter is undoubtedly the recommendation links. However, in recent times there have been a multitude of applications related to the possibility that members of this microblogging platform multimedia sharing, particularly photos and videos.

On this particular site design and development spatialized reencoded has compiled a list of the 20 most interesting applications that let you share photos and videos on Twitter.

The selection of tools for uploading comprises:

1. Twitpic . Allows sharing photos and send them from a mobile device. It is one of the most used.

2. TwitrPix . Provides the ability to upload and post pictures on Twitter with mobile, web browser or email. You can accompany the image with a message.

3. TweetPhoto . Photos in real time from the platform of Twitter. You can share instantly on the network, but also others such as Facebook. Once you log in with the username and password of your account Twitter TweetPhoto is automatically created.

4. Smug Mug is an interactive application that allows you to share images and photos on Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and Tumbler.

5. flick.to.twitt. publishing service that allows a photo to the Flickr account and automatically announces the Twitter profile, allowing you to use the most popular photographic network as an option for sharing photos on the microblogging platform in the same time.

6. Twitgoo . Also widely used by a number of twitterers, is an easy, reliable and secure way to share images on Twitter.

7. Picktor . Photo Service social and community management that allows users to manage their photos, share and interact with their online communities. Picktor offers the ability for users to share their material in different social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5 and Orkut, and more.

8. Img.ly is one of the easiest and provides different ways to share images on Twitter. All you have to do is input through Twitter and simply upload your photos.

9. TwitC . Tool to organize, find, view, comment, share, integrate, collect favorites and all types of files, and share links and send updates to your profile on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and other networks.

10. TwitnGo.com can easily post status updates with links to photos Twitter account.

As regards apliaciones video sharing, the list is as follows:

Twitcam . Allows comparitr video links and “chat” while giving the material.

TwitLens . It is an application that provides the ability to share to a total of 10 photos and videos with one click.

uShow can add videos from a webcam, YouTube and also from any mobile device and share them on Twitter and Facebook with ease.

TwitVid shows tweets that mention a particular video. You can also retweet, share and respond to uploaded videos.

twi.tt is a tool for sharing photos, videos, documents, audio and polls in Twitter filling out a form that is shown on the cover.

Twitmatic . Allows real-time video sharing.

Twiddeo service is very interesting to follow the video updates generated in microblogging platform.

Tweetube . Application that allows to quickly share photos and videos with the users of Twitter.

Mov.io . Aimed especially for upload movies and share them on Twitter and Facebook.


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