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5 tips to get celebrities attention on twitter


It seems difficult, but not impossible. Few years ago to get celebrities attention was very difficult because we didn’t have the channels that we have now. I’m talking about twitter. Twitter is an excellent tool because celebrities can share with us their private moments (well, not too private) and become humans like us, and also we have the chance to get closer to them (or at least, have interactions on the web). Would you like a celebrity to tweet or retweet some stuff related with you and you don’t know how to do it? It’s not a mission impossible. I will try to explain it in a business perspective.

——————————————————-#1Explore them and find their hobbies

There is nothing better than researching about celebrities’ hobbies and tweeting about them. They will always be interested in something like that. Of course it must be extremely nice or powerful to engage the personalities to talk or retweet about your topics. For example we know that Cameron Diaz loves surfing or Nicolas Cage fancies comics.


Firstly, you have to choose between two options
1. The celebrity is your objective: That means, no matter what, you want that a specific VIP talks about your tweets. Strategy: focus on their twitter, explore their hobbies, tastes… find something interested about that and share it on twitter (for example Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of dinosaurs)
2. The business is the objective: What does this mean? That you want to spread your business with twitter and one of the strategies is to get a celebrity to help you! In this case the plan is different to option one above, because you need to find famous people that are interested in your business field. If you work with wines, you have to find VIP interested in this exquisite drink (e.g. the rapper JayZ spends a lot of money on superb wines), or if you are a furrier, you need to find someone that loves this material (Carolina Herrera does love fur for example).

——————————————————-#2 The magic of drawing
Everybody loves creativity. Famous people usually tweet when someone draws a picture of them. How can you take advantage of this? You can draw a portrait and print your name on it, or your business’s name. Of course this may not be your case. Imagine the shame of an important food company drawing Britney Spear’s picture and tweet it. The kind of businesses that can use this tip is so specific, they include companies related with charity, art studio, design, advertising, comic store, school. For example Jennifer Lopez or Nikki Minaj usually retweet fan’s drawings.



——————————————————-#3.Creativity, my ally

There is one common characteristic of famous people: egocentrism. They love when you create a fan club, you make a tattoo or you hang their posters on your bedroom walls. If you are that crazy to do this kind of things you can always take a picture of what you did and send it to them. They will love it and their ego will increase 100%. As a business you can do something similar. Forbear companies that this can have a negative impact on. It is only valid for the ones that don’t feel afraid doing this kind of things, like agencies, museums or design studios. Rihanna’s best example:


——————————————————-#4. Charity campaign

If you ask for help, celebrities usually tweet and retweet about that. If you are a charity foundation that is raising money or celebrating a special dinner and you ask for support on twitter, usually celebrities tweet about that, helping to spread the word. #alwaysworks


——————————————————-#5. Newspapers
As I said before, celebrities are egocentrics, and they usually talk about themselves. If you have the opportunity to find an article in the newspaper or in the news about a celebrity, say something interesting that involves your business and this celebrity and tweet about it. How? Try to be creative without harming your company by choosing the wrong article or incorrect words.



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