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Five tips to use your lists on Twitter



Are you confused about how you can use your lists on Twitter to your advantage? Basically no one uses the lists options on Twitter. Why? Because if you are not a huge company with different targets and you need to send different messages to them, it’s totally useless. Well, this might not be true. If you are not using your account for a work purpose you can create lists and put everyone on them, so that when you feel like finding something about art you don’t have to research one by one, because you have all of them in the same list, or when you need accurate information about specific news, you can find and compare all of them in the same place.

Also, if you are using your account to promote yourself or your business this option can be useful for you. How?

#Tip1 Different topics

–          You don’t need to create your lists in base of the normal topics like: famous, work or news. You can generate a weekly strategy plan based on something ingenuous. For example: if you have to promote a museum account you can create 7 different lists:

  1. Picasso’s Monday
  2. Renoir’s Tuesday
  3. Rembrandt’s Wednesday
  4. Kandinsky’s Thursday
  5. Van Gogh’s Friday
  6. Durero’s Saturday
  7. Velazquez’s Sunday

You can add in every list things related with the painters. It doesn’t have to be everything associated with paints. If Picasso loved to ride horses and drink beer you can add accounts related with horses and beers and you can tweet about them on Monday with the hashtag #picassosmonday. You can do all this with all the lists, so you will have different and entertaining content on your account.

#Tip2 Networking

You can take advantage and produce successful networking sessions with all your followers. You can connect people through your account that are in the same business and also you can join accounts that are in different businesses and if they work together they can improve. Imagine, if you are an important museum’s marketing director you can introduce a painter that is looking for a small studio to the owner. You are creating engagement!

#Tip3 Focus on your target

If you have different lists on twitter also you can create specific content for every of the lists and your communication with them will be more accurate and they will appreciate your gesture. Also you can search which day is the best to email every list. Probably you prefer to email a list on Wednesday because they are more proactive on twitter that day.

#Tip4 Create a twitter group

If you are really getting on well with your lists, you can create a specific twitter account for each one. For example in the museum’s case, you can create a specific twitter account called: Picasso’s Monday with all the accounts that are on it and you can talk about your topics of interest. If you want to block the account and make it private it’s up to you.

#Tip5 Facetoface meetings

If you want to go a step further, you can be the host and arrange a dinner or lunch for all these accounts that are interested in a facetoface meeting. That means that you can make a public invitation for the people that are on your private twitter group (tip 4) or in your list. You will produce more engagement among them and you will be the curator of everything. What a better credit!


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