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Ten steps to engage your outreachers on Twitter


Everybody knows the importance of the outreachers on twitter. You need as many people as you can to spread your words on the web. Who are the outreachers? Basically the ones that usually have huge amount of followers and the ones that usually retweet every single worthy thing that drop in their hands. How can you get them?

1. Explore your field and other ones related with your business.

If you run a wine business you will be interested in food, wine, restaurants, photography fields and other ones that can be related with. Make a well research into this fields. Identify your primary fields and also your secondary ones. The secondary ones can help you to improve your presence in social media. In fact, sometimes it’s better to gain presence with these fields For example if you tweet about a nice wine picture mentioned prestigious photography studios, it will help you to build your media image.

2.Make a list on twitter and create a stream in Hootsuite

Before anything create a list on twitter called “Outreach”. It will help you to find your target quickly. Also you can create a stream in Hootsuite with your outreach to have them better controlled.

3. Use these programs: kred, trendsmap and social bro

These tools can help you to get your outreach quickly.

  • Kred: When you sign up with Kred on your main page you have the window of communities. Research intoyour communities of interest and then follow the outreachers in every community (because they are mainly interested in the same topics as you)
  • Trendsmap: After your sign up on trendsmap you can use the search widget to find your communities. Type the topics or fields you are interested in and then the map will display the countries that are mainly talking about the topic. If you are lucky maybe the region that you have your business in is one with the most comments. Then click on the region map and a window will display with live tweets. Follow the people, above all the ones with more retweets or mentions.If you didn’t get twitter accounts related exactly with your topic and your region, then it’s time to do a research. Study what countries are strongly related with your topic. For example: California, Argentina and Spain are associated with wine. Click on the map in these regions and follow the accounts that are displayed on the window.
  • Social Bro: With trendsmap you have the name of the people that are already talking about a particular topic. But how can we know if they are “’important accounts” to follow or only people talking randomly about that? Well with socialbro you can know that. Sign in with your account. On the main screen on the left side you have the option to see which of your followers have an important space on twitter and other ones that are not outreachers or influencers, but you should keep in your account.

4. Explore everyone and know about their hobbies, their tweets

Now, that you know your outreachers, keep them tight. Go to their accounts and explore about their hobbies, things they talk about, and make a list of all of them. You can use programs like Evernote to do this and keep them safely.

5. Create a special tweet related to them

Remember that twitter is to make friends not get customers or clients. Your goal is to create engagement with them. Think about all of them as a friend. You know them, so create every tweet by measure.

6. Create contest and invited them

A contest is always a good idea to get people to your site or account. It’s the baby for the future gamification.It’s not necessary to create a huge contest to get noise on the social media. For example in the case of the wine business, you can give three bottles of a special wine or a romantic dinner in your restaurant. People love to participate when they can get gifts or money. So, create a contest, tweet about it and ask your     outreachers to retweet about them.

7. Create invitation and send it to them

Your goal is to create an invitation, focusing on your outreach and followers that mention, interact and retweeted you. Invite few of them to use your services or products for free. They will be delighted to participate. If the invitation is a success, you will gain more than you think on social media, because they will appreciate you and they will always try to get you in their tweet’s first line,

8. Create a catch up and tweet about this

When you have a nice relationship with people on twitter, week by week you will get closer. #FF #Followfriday is a good example of that. Why don’t you try to meet each other in real life, like fo a symposium or nice dinner? There is nothing better than a comment from someone that you met in person. The chat gets warm.

9. Retweeted and commented your outreachers words.

Of course you are giving them all your information but you should retweet them, comment on their tweets and be interested in what they are doing. Feedback is the basis of everything on twitter.

10. Say thanks

Not every retweet or mention should be followed by “thank you” but try once a week to point out and say thank you to all the people that commented or mentioned your tweets. Of course if it’s an important event or situation you should thank everybody instantly. It’s always much appreciated.

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  1. z360m says:

    All the tips are useful…i believe that social media is the only medium through which individuals can stay in contact in the cheapest way ever

  2. Yup, and probably the more effective !

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