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How to promote yourself on Twitter with Trendsmap.


Case study

Smith’s Whisky is a small well recognize brand in London. They are well known in UK but they want to expand their business to Ireland, and they want to start using Twitter to do that. There is one important thing on Twitter to be successful: have the right followers. How can you get that? You can use Twitter and Facebook search buttons and Kred to get them as it’s explained in these articles: http://bit.ly/10zartM and http://bit.ly/Wj58za

When you have the followers, then you can start with Trendsmap. At first glance, trendmaps can’t be understandable, but if you search a bit more it should be a useful tool for your twitter strategy. With trendsmaps you can know the following to help your plan:

–          Trending topics in every country in the world

–          People with more retweets and comments in every country

–          Globally trending users

–          Trending videos

The possibilities of making an incredible strategy with trendsmap alone are not huge but you can always make it better with other tools like socialbro, kred or analytics

When you sign in in Trendsmap the main screen is like you see at the top. It shows you all the topics and accounts that are on trend at that moment. Interesting, but in this case Smith’s whisky wants to know what is happening in Ireland.

First step: get followers

  • Go to the search button and type whisky. It will show you in the sitemap the countries that are talking about whisky. Ireland should be one of them. Click on it and then a window will display content of people talking about whisky in Ireland. Follow them!

Second step: engagement. So, let’s go to the search button and type location: Ireland.


  • In this image above you can see the topics that are breaking. What does it mean? As we see in the stats highlighted in yellow, the topic is almost starting because nobody was talking about that before. How can we take advantage of that?
  1. We need to search on twitter about the three main topics and accounts that appear first and know what are they talking about: @women_aid  #oneinfivewoman and @darealroddy. First we need to know that usually the accounts that come in this list are the ones that tweet more in Ireland during the week.
  2. Analyse if it’s convenient to participate in the topics. In this case we can tweet something relative to aid, like a youtube video or scientific research and include this account to generate more responses.
  • Trending Ireland links:

This is an amazing source to look for the best links that Irish people are sharing this week. Find the best ones that you can tweet. There is one link about the champions league. That one can fit with our target. Think about comment about it on twitter.

  • About the stats:

We can see how the breaking topics are almost ending and we have other ones that are continually up and down. Some of these  are always on trend so we can use them in the future to create a strategy on twitter. We have: @irishtimes, abortion #savita. What can we do with them?

  1. In the case of @irishtimes and #savita we don’t really know what the main topic is so the next step is going to twitter and search about them. After doing that we know that Savita was an indian woman that died in a catholic Irish hospital because doctors refused her doing an abortion. We don’t want to tweet about these topics. Let’s go for other ones.
  1. We should search about these topics and accounts before tweeting about or with them. And if we realised that the topics are not close to our main target we should decline talking about them.
  • Trending Ireland videos and pictures: We should do the same research that we did with the links on the videos and pictures. Find the best ones that can suit your followers, and tweet about them!
  • Trending Global Videos: In this case you know which videos are the most popular in different countries of the world. Search all of them and find some that you can tweet about. Sometimes you will be lucky finding a new one that you can introduce into your community and other times you might have to wait for the next day to get the best ones or new ones.

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