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How to build a social media campaign with images using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo


Case study

Leonard’s Photography studio

Leonard Smith owns a photography studio in west London. The business is going ok but he wants to expand the company and get more profits.  Social media can help him to do this.

Let’s go for it!

Leonard wants that everybody knows him as a wedding photographer. What is the best way?

  1. Twitter: Search the tags #wedding #photographer and #weddingphotographer. #wonderful Then add everyone with these tags to his twitter account, share information with them (direct messages) and leave a tweet in all of these tags. If you want to be more accurate you can use trendsmap. First steps:
  • Sign in to Trendsmaps with your twitter account
  • Search in ‘location’ the place you want to search about. In this case Leonard would choose London and then wedding London or photography London.
  • Then a window will appear with all the people in London talking about this topic. Then you follow them on Twitter.
  • If you want to create a complete twitter strategy with trendsmap you can read this example http://bit.ly/TPqn4T
  • Also you can use Kred to know your communities better, also outreachers and influencers on Twitter. Please read the article about how to do this http://bit.ly/Wj58za
  1. Facebook: Search  ‘wedding’ ‘photographer’ and ‘wedding photographer’ in the search button. Then go to ‘groups’ option. And then leave a message on every group and contact those groups that interest you the most directly.
  1. Pinterest: As you know, Pinterest is basically used by women. Create your own boards with your best wedding images and share it with your friends. Search for Wedding images on Pinterest’s search button and start pinning the ones that you really like
  1. Instagram: The king of kings. You can create your own brand with this app:
  • Upload your best wedding pictures and share with everyone asking them for their opinion. Also you can add pictures of the cameras and tools you use to take the pictures
  • Show everyone the different styles you use in your work. In Leonard’s case what you do is to take the pictures – camera, lights, make up. etc
  • Share “behind the scenes”. Upload pictures about moments on the “backstage”
  • Be the first one: In photography it’s always best when you are the first one doing something. In this case, take creative and amazing wedding pictures that are unique. Every bride will love you!
  • Add your colleague and workers. That will help you to humanize your work and what are you doing.
  • Share impact images: Also you can upload wonderful or funny pictures even when they don’t have anything in common with weddings.
  1. Vimeo and socialcam: Of course you can use this app to upload on these websites different contents: wedding’s make off, wedding behind the scenes, professional best cameras…-
  1. Create a contest: Contests always help you to generate engagement. You can create a contest and publicize with a tweet about your best wedding picture or your funniest photo and the winner will have a photo shoot session for free.

Finally, do more research into apps and procedures that can help you, because social media offers multiple options to build your brand but these ones mentioned can help you in the process.


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