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Kred as Twitter’s tool: an introduction


Few days ago I started to use Kred and I have to say, I’m gratefully surprised. It’s  one of the complete tools that I have seen when you have to implement a strategy in Twitter, for these reasons:

  • Your Kred account: When you register an account on Kred you automatically obtain a personal profile and data that allow you to optimise your account:

–          Influencers: In a scale of 1/1000 you can know your influence on Twitter. That means, how much you inspire retweets, answers and new followers.

–          Outreach: In a scale of  1/12 tells you your importance in Twitter. Your ability to share links, pictures, interactions and mentions.

  • General analysis: The analysis in Kred is similar to what other platforms offer, like SocialBro: This includes when you tweeted, who you tweeted about, who has mentioned you, etc. With this information you can have a general view about your account.
  • Communities: This is the most interesting part of the this program. If you are  responsible for social media marketing in a company, this tool can be very useful. Kred classifies all  the accounts in different communities (marketing, sports…).Check which one you belong, or at least the ones that are close to your community and voila! We are ready to work.

If you are the owner of a restaurant (let’s say the name is “The moustaches”) and you barely know how to use this program, it would be good to start with wine, food and health communities and then follow these steps:

  1. Analyse which words  are the most commented on these accounts. Kred will create instantly a tag graphic about them.
  2. Observe the most influencers accounts on these fields and follow them!
  3. Now, that you have your influencers, let’s go for the outreach accounts. These accounts are the ones that have a huge number of followers, basically because they retweeted and commented about everything that drops in their hands. What does this mean?It means that if you want your tweet to be commented and retweeted, you should try to get engagement with these accounts. But be careful! Because sometimes the person that recommends you is not always the best one to do it!

Well, and now that you have all this information. What should you do with that?

–          As you know, Twitter is a social web to interact and generate engagement, never to promote your products. Of course, sometimes you can do it, but no more than twice every ten tweets.

–          It’s better if we focus to generate expectation. Your restaurant, called “The moustaches” is on Kred and you have decided to add to your account “wine, food and health” influencers and outreach communities.

–          You know the communities you are adding and you know their topics. In case of “wine”, the most mentioned tags are #sandy and #wine. So, why don’t you tweet about #sandy and upload some random pictures about wine?

–          Also, on the main page you can see the most commented tweets, retweets and videos about “wine”, the ones you can use on your strategy or at least the ones that can help you as an example to create your own.

–          You have decided that you will tweet about a general mentioned topic with the hope that they are going to have impact… Go ahead, what are you waiting for! And also you can include in some of your tweets your outreach or influencers’ accounts. You are getting engagements!

–          We are on it. “The moustaches” restaurant is a success. Why not go to photography community?Here you can find pictures about “famous moustaches” (XIXth Century, strange moustaches, etc.) and add comments and pictures in your twitter account. Don’t forget to create a board on Pinterest with moustaches pictures! The success is almost here!


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