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Case of study: Humphry Slocombe


It’s funny when you watch your family and friends trying to taste it with worried face. “This thing will not kill me, right?” That happened like 5 years ago, and it was something totally unexpected. To be honest, I never taste it, because I just don’t see myself eating chorizo ice cream. It’s probably delicious, but I prefer it with lentils or in barbecue.

Recently I was reading something about such a curious shop; Humphry’s Locombe. Recently  It has been having huge notoriety on the mass media. In fact if you see their website you will know that they have interviews and positive comments in magazines and newspapers like GQ, Wall Street Journal, Time or Huffington Post among others and more than 300.000 followers on twitter.  How a small shop can achieve that? Everybody knows how sometimes it’s a terrible thing the get the attention of the influencers and mass media.


–   Palate. Excuse me…Did you just say bourbon ice cream? There are a lot of gourmet ice cream companies, but Humphry Slocombe is slightly different of all of them, because it only offers unique and exotic flavours outside the limits. They offer more than one hundred types of ice cream, with a different menu every day. But “Breakfast Secret” –combination of vanilla ice cream, with bourbon and cornflakes- is the king of the menu. Without any doubt, if you want success in your business, you need to have something to boost about.

–          Location. I’m New Yorker, and you? One of the main reasons of their 300.000 twitter followers is the location. Come on, they are in New York, with a lot of competency, but with more opportunities than any other place in the world. And, with a considerable amount of citizens that have internet connection.

–          Twitter. You are not my client, you are my friend.  They use a social media strategy plan that sometimes is difficult to implement in big companies: They have real interaction with the followers Example of that:” Is your name Austin and yesterday you left your wallet? We got it and we know your appearance. Call us or come here”. Probably right now, Austin is loving them more than he loves bourbon ice cream. Or how other employee just tweeted:” Trying to make a tribute to Amy Winehouse but… how is heroin’s taste?” They needed to generate feedback with influencers and mass media. How? Just taste our ice cream! Simple and very effective. Imagine the effect on twitter when Rihanna will mention the exquisite whisky flavour…

 – Interact, interact, interact. Do you fancy asparagus or potatoe ice cream? Just emailed them. They are looking for new flavours and you can add your favourite one. I fancy the apple one!

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  1. I want to to thank you for this very good read!
    ! I certainly enjoyed every bit of it. I have you saved as
    a favorite to check out new things you post…

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