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Why is useful to use SocialBro?


Yesterday I read someone’s tweet about marketing. He said that nowadays only few people  consider themselves as a community manager. I replied that tweet with “it’s true, but we have a huge number of programs, tools and applications that it’s almost and utopia to know how to use all of them and being the perfect “guru”

Twitter is a social web with huge chances for marketers. Everybody knows that it has something invaluable: information. Like Aristoteles said: Information is power. Well, yes it is power if you know how to use it. Power means nothing if you don’t have intelligence or cunning.

SocialBro is a useful program that allows you to know your followers better and, consequently, the weapon to improve your communication with them. First step, always, has to be:

Know your followers

Influence: If you are a company, you should chase to have close feedback from them. Comments, retweets and mentions must be your food in twitter. That gives you: notoriety and value. For example, if your company sells vodka… why not try to get a retweet or mention from Coke or RedBull? Or if you live in Vietnam and you own a rice  company… don’t you think it would be amazing if you can get retweets or comments from Spanish and Japanese restaurants?

With SocialBro you can get better understanding about which followers are your best influences, so as to start your media strategy focus on them. Note: Make a list on Twitter with  this group. It would be easier for you to work on them and analyse all your chances.

Should I tweet at 12 pm or 5 pm? Well, it depends. With this program you have this kind of info to implement in your plan. In my company, the best hours and days to tweet are tuesdays and thursdays around 4 – 6 pm. That’s your goal. Your main tweets should be scheduled between these hours. But please, without getting boring. There is something worse than no tweet, and that is a tweet like the world is almost ending! Do it with measure.

– Ok, I know more about my followers, the best hours to tweet but… what topics? Please, remember that. twitter is not a web to sell your products or services. Of course you can tweet about that but only around 10% of your tweets should be on products. The other 90% should be topics that your followers should talk about. For example, if their main topics are “love, night, London, food…” Let’s tweet about that! Always with accurate content, please. No one wants to get a bad image on twitter and lose followers.

Remember, Twitter is a powerful tool to increase the relation with your potential customers, the ones that in the future will be your friends.


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