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The copy brain



#Audi Who thought about this idea? Best spot ever? I don’t think so, but a good one, of course. When I think about my years in university, I don’t know why, I always remember this advert. I really like it, because it’s simple but it has a strong concept: Why do you want to buy a Mercedes or a BMW if you have everything with Audi?

And then the eternal argument about agencies: “C’mon it’s easy to get that!” You don’t need an army of copies and art director’s to make it real… Well the truth is: you need it. Usually the most simple concept is the hardest to get.

I remember myself being on the high school with a brief on my hands and asking: How can I  make it real? I started writing everything on a paper, sometimes words, others, pictures… trying to get the most strange correlation of  thoughts.
If  I had to advert about an eggs brand that want to sell bigger ones, I usually made random lists (called brainstorming). In one I wrote what the word “eggs” meant to me: food, yellow, sun, chicken, saucepan, oil, gym, energy, dress, wedding dress, penguin, grandparents, village, grass…

Straightaway I made another: What does the word “bigger” mean to me? muscle, sky, sun, farmer, protein, elephant, art, boots, XIXth Century, El Quixote, Picasso, piano, China…among others. Perphaps the result would be Picasso buying eggs on a XIXth farmer or El Quixote fighting with a huge egg. The posibilities are unlimited.

The truth is every copy or art director has unique thoughts. Why is that possible?Because of our culture and also our own circunstances (our family and friends, our city/village, our experiences…) . I’m sure the egg list would be different if a Chinese guy does it or a Brazilian one writes about it. And if the Chinese guy had a difficult youth, with drugs, alcohol, family issues and a broken heart and the Brazilian girl had a healthy youth, without family issues, danced samba and also she had with truly friends, probably the “egg list” will be more different.

Individual thoughts are a treasure, because they open different realities. I know mine, but I unknow yours. That’s the beauty of work with a team. You share, discuss and finally agreed about the best concept. Always, the simple one.


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